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We'll make you

"Think Differently" about Food!!!

Alternative Plate was set in motion 25 years ago. Its mission was to find the reasons how food and lifestyle choices could affect ones health and longevity. It has extensively researched its ingredients and processing methods based on proven results on taste, food integrity, its bio availability and it's optimization for the human body.



 Who are we? 


Well...Most importantly we are a company that cares about you!

Our mindset when creating our Organic Plant based (Vegan) products is that we work from your needs back. Whether you're using our products for food service, or in your kitchen at home, we offer a full line of raw and prepared meals to satisfy any menu or venue. That way, we can serve you, your family, friends, or your customers with premium products and services. This will help everyone have access to Organic Plant based (Vegan) foods that taste great, that are actually good for you and save the planet and animals intelligently. Imagine: this can all be done from the power of your plate with Alternative Plate!

We are totally obsessed with getting everyone to enjoy organic plant based versions of the foods they love and be happy eating it over and over again.

That's the Alternative Plate promise.


What's our Mindset?


What motivates us everyday is coming up with organic, sustainable, (Vegan) plant based products that can serve your lifestyle needs on an every day basis that make you happy and keep you tuned up, ready to take on the day. Our mindset is to make everyone's favorite foods and make them containing the things that help you tackle your nutritional needs as simple as 1,2,3. We take the bull(stuff) out of the things they say are good for you and replace them with things that are actually safe. Remember we are not doing this for us...we are doing this for YOU! Our success is based on getting you the nutrition you need to be the better version of yourself and cutting out all the obstacles in your way. We make it so the things that should have been in your food in the first place are there and the things that should not be there are tossed in the trash!

 What does Alternative Plate make?

Alternative Plate make's sustainable organic non-GMO (Vegan) plant based meats, seafood, cheez, breads, pizza dough, desserts, condiments, wet/dry mixes, sauces and drinks, etc. We then take all these products and make the things you love to eat like Mac n Cheez, Buffalo Chikan, Ricotta Pizza and Lasagna. We make your favorite sandwiches, too, like The Reuben, Loaded Pork Roll ,Egg and cheez (or Taylor Ham and Cheez up north). We make organic Italian sausage for our Italian sausage and peppers sandwich or on top of our pizzas or pasta. We make tofu eggs and mixes that everyone loves and French toast with our wet mixes, fruit spreads , and then top it with our Gannoli crème and "Bacan". We even have steak tips and "Blackened sweet potato fries. Never mind that people always want our Falafel burger with Banging Sauce" and our huge black bean burgers with date tomato BBQ sauce (just to name a few).  Still not convinced? Try a salad with our unique salad dressings with plant based meat combo's. Then, you'll have to sip our line of organic teas - the Gunpowder Green with Blood Orange is a favorite. There are so many more products to talk about. We are working on getting these products available on a larger scale so you can have them to make your own creations or stick with ours. Come join and help us on this journey to a better US!!!

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